About Connected Heart

In times of pain, sadness, confusion or disconnect, therapy offers hope and help.

Modern counseling is not just sitting on a couch telling someone your life’s story.

Therapy is about connection.  Therapy is based on the connection with your therapist to create a meaningful, supportive space to explore your most vulnerable emotions.   Therapy can help you strengthen your connection with the people in your life in a positive and hopeful way. And most of all, therapy can grow your connection to your most authentic self.  Therapy can help guide and support you through times of stress, build communication and interpersonal skills, and develop a deep understanding of who you are and what you want out of life.

We provide both short-term, solution-focused therapy and longer-term, process-oriented therapy.  We also offer play-based therapy for our youngest clients. All of our services are provided by a licensed therapist with years of experience.  You and the therapist will work together to determine which type of therapy and therapy length fits your needs.

“We were born with the craving for connection. Each of us every day looks for evidence we are not alone.”

– Lisa Prosen

Therapy is an incredible tool that can help with many problems including issues at work, working through trauma, conflict with family or significant other, major life changes, anxiety, depression, and even sleep issues.

Therapy helps you use the skills you have and also learn new ones in order to gain control over whatever is causing you concern.

Sessions typically last about an hour.

For your first session you will complete an intake packet with consent forms and basic information, either at home to bring with you or in the office.  Otherwise, just bring yourself and your willingness to learn about yourself.

Therapy is based on clients feeling secure in the confidentiality of their treatment.  Because we do not bill insurance companies, your information, even the fact that you attend therapy at all, is confidential.  The only exceptions to confidentiality are for immediate safety concerns due to child or elder abuse, suicidal intent or homicidal intent.  

Therapy is an individual process so each person’s experience will be different.  Expect your therapist to provide a safe place for you to unburden yourself, help you reflect on your thoughts, feeling and experiences, and provide guidance as you shape your future and your relationships.

You and your therapist will discuss your concerns and what you hope to gain from therapy.  Together you will discuss a plan that will meet your needs. Therapy can be as time-limited as 6-8 sessions or may last for a year or more, depending on your needs.  You and your therapist will continually reassess the course of your treatment and make adjustments in timeline and focus to reflect your concerns.

Ragon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been working with children, families and individuals in Los Angeles since 1999.

She obtained her Master’s in Social Work from UCLA in 1999 and became a Licensed Clinical Therapist in 2005. Ragon has worked with individuals from all over Los Angeles, providing therapy, family coaching and process groups in school settings and non-profit clinics.

She has particular expertise in working with new parents, families with children, and women in crisis. In addition, Ragon has been supervising new clinicians for over 12 years, sharing her expertise and passion for clinical work with the next generation of therapists.